Social Enterprise UK is delighted to offer our members an opportunity to participate in our 24-hour sprint through the world of innovation, disruption with a focus on helping you lead better in disruptive times.

Participants will get the opportunity to see and experience how the world is changing from a technology and customer perspective by hearing from some of the best thought leaders, practitioners and start ups working to solve some of society’s most challenging problems. Utilising a mixture of:

  • Out of sector experiential learning
  • Though leader interviews
  • Expert practitioner presentations
  • Group debate

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The 24 hours will be a fast-paced immersion into the world of disruption and innovation to assist you understand how the world is changing and the different types of leadership styles you are going to need to adopt back in your own organisation.

Areas to be covered include:

  • What does disruption and innovation really look like
  • How can you prepare your organisation to be more agile and responsive?
  • What will the impact of technological changes mean for the business
  • How can you foster a culture of collaborative innovation?
  • How can you ensure you are listening to the voice of the customer?
  • Why failure is important and how do develop a fail fast process for testing new ideas and solutions
  • How can you balance social impact with commercial operations?
  • What can we learn from the worlds leading innovators around their approach to service and solution development
  • Why we all need to become story tellers


Day 1 - Amazon HQ, London

12.15pm Registration, refreshments

1.00pm Welcome and introductions

  • An overview of the programme, what we are looking to get out of the next 24 hours and how to maximise our learning time. Lead by Ian Wright, Managing Director, Disruptive Innovators Network.

1.15pm Tour of Amazon HQ

  • See inside the Amazon ecosystem, how it thinks, works and plays with a tour of the core areas of its HQ.

1.45pm The Amazon Innovation Model

  • In this opening session we will hear about the following topics from Simone Hume, NPO Lead, Amazon Web Services and Chris Masey, Amazon Web Services:
    • The peculiar mechanisms which enable Amazon to retain and maintain a culture of innovation.
    • The five step Amazon model of problem solving
    • Customer obsession – How Amazon puts the customer at the heart of everything it does

2.30pm Break

2.45pm The Amazon Flywheel

  • Learn about the Amazon Flywheel and how this mechanism continues to drive innovation and growth throughout Amazon. This session also presents an opportunity to engage with a senior representative from the Amazon retail business. Lead by Priyanka Wadhawam - Director of Insight and Innovation, Amazon Physical Consumer  

3.30pm AI at Amazon – How is tech developing within Amazon and how can it be deployed in the health and social care environments

  • A showcase of where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is being adopted to drive customer experience and the technologies available on AWS. Lead by Chris Masey, Amazon Web Services.

4.20pm Break    

4.30pm Business Transformation – London’s Air Ambulance story with Graham Hodgkin, Former Chief Executive, London’s Air Ambulance and Managing Director, Deutsche bank, London      

  • In this session we will hear from Graham on how he led the transformation of the London’s Air Ambulance service and the skills and methods required to do so including:
    • What are the first steps to take in developing your transformation plan
    • How do you ensure corporate buy in
    • Communicate like a leader
    • Effective approaches to managing risk
    • Knowing when to stick to the plan and when to flex

5.30pm Depart for hotel

7.00pm Walk/Bus/Scooter to Good and Proper tea for dinner with Fat Macy’s

Day 2 - Brigade, Tooley Street

8.45am Coffee and refreshments

9.00am Recap day 1 learning

9.15am The voice of the customer – what are they saying?         

Grant Leboff, CEO, Sticky Marketing

  • In a vastly more connected world understanding what is being said about you by your customers has never been more important. But how do you achieve this in the most effective way when there are so many channels available. How can you ensure you get your stories and messages across?
  • In this session Grant will share examples from a range of platforms and well-known brand leaders who are successfully (or not) listening to the voice of the customer.

10.15am Break

10.30am Making an impact - Lessons from a start up

Avril Chester, Chief Executive and Founder Cancer Central UK, Women in IT, Entrepreneur of the year 2019

  • In this session we will hear the story of how Digital Leader Avril turned a life changing experience into a business using a range of skills gathered over a life time of corporate work. In the session we will explore:
    • How Avril set about establishing a new business and the most important success measures
    • Cominnovation - How to utilise different communities to come together to collaborate
    • Where best to use technological solutions
    • Dealing with complexity and how to simplify operations

11.15am Debate and Discussion

11.30am Break

11.45am Being disruptive, the bought by many story

Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer, Bought by Many

  •  In this session we will hear how one start up is disrupting a traditionally steady state sector of insurance and improving and personalising the customer experience in ways never looked at before. We will have the chance to explore how disruption takes place, how it scales and how it changes users’ expectations.

12.30pm Debate and discussion

12.45pm Lunch options

  • Brigade with founder and some apprentices
  • The Clink, Brixton

1.00pm Close and depart