The Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme is pleased to offer this engaging series of summer workshops. These workshops will grow your skills, values and understanding of social enterprises. If you are a Hackney resident or part of a social enterprise working in Hackney, you are welcome to apply. 

You can apply to attend all the sessions or pick and mix those that are of interest. The price is highly discounted at £30 (+ fees) for the first session you book (including lunch) and £10 (+ fees) for subsequent sessions (also including lunch). If you require a concessionary rate please contact [email protected] to discuss your situation. 

Please note the introductory workshop on 20th June is free to attend.

**Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis**


Facilitated by Douglas Racionzer, Social Enterprise Development Manager, Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC. Douglas is pleased to share his learning with you. Douglas has over 30 years experience working in the social enterprise sector, and 18 social enterprises under his belt. The learning approach involves action and reflection. This highly participatory style of learning uses the group process to drive learning amongst participants.


Beechwood Road Training Room, 62 Beechwood Road, London, E8 3DY 

Workshop Dates and Titles (further info below)

1. Wed 20 June - What is a social enterprise - *this introductory session is free of charge*
2. Wed 4 July - Build our values into the way we work
3. Wed 18 July - Building a Team
4. Wed 1 August - The Flow Canvas approach to business planning
5. Wed 15 August - Innovate to Elevate
6. Wed 29 August - Effectuation - make things happen and achieve your goals

Workshop 1: What is a social enterprise - Wed 20 June (10.00 - 12.00 followed by lunch) - max. 15 people

What is a social enterprise and why do people start or buy from them? How do you know if you have a idea that might be worth exploring?

Workshop 2: Build our values into the way we work - Wed 4 July (09.30 - 17.00 including lunch) - max. 12 people

Social enterprises put their values first in their work. How do different social enterprises integrate their values into their businesses and what are they? What are your values and how does this inform your work?

Workshop 3: Building a Team - Wed 18 July (09.30 - 17.00 including lunch) - max. 12 people

People are the number one concern for a social enterprise - not just via the social impact the enterprise makes but also the team of people that are employed and volunteer for the organisation. Find out how to build a team around your goals and mission.

Workshop 4: The Flow Canvas approach to business planning - Wed 1 August (09.30 - 17.00 including lunch) - max. 12 people

A good business plan can be make or break a social enterprise. How do you develop one that really meets your needs? Join this one day course to build a business plan that works for you. 

Workshop 5: Innovate to Elevate - Wed 15 August (09.30 - 17.00 including lunch) - max. 12 people

How do social enterprises stick to their mission whilst creating an environment that allows for innovation and why is it so important? 

Workshop 6: Effectuation - make things happen and achieve your goals - Wed 29 August (09.30 - 17.00) - max. 12 people

Effectuation is a logic of thinking, discovered through scientific research, used by expert entrepreneurs to build successful ventures. In this workshop you will learn how to implement this approach into your lives and your work.

Full day session format:

09.30 Start - Part 1
11.00 Tea Break
11.30 Part 2
13.00 Lunch provided by Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC
14.00 Part 3
15.30 Break
15.50 Part 4
17.30 End

Cost: £30 + VAT for the first session (+ VAT & booking fee) and £10 (+ VAT & booking fee) for subsequent sessions

About Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC

Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC, itself a social enterprise, has engaged in community economic development projects in Hackney for over 30 years and today is pleased to offer the support and development of new and existing co-operatives and social enterprises through the Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme, supported by UBS. Aside from social enterprise development, HCD helps over 80 local businesses, community organisations, cultural institutions and shops remain in Dalston through its role as a supportive provider of affordable workspace; provides packages of free training and support for Hackney residents who are furthest from employment; and manages a diary of community and cultural activities in Gillett Square.