How do we balance the demands of modern life with mental health? What is Burnout and how can we take better care of our mental health needs?
This event aims to challenge stigma around mental health in the workplace, in university, and in the local community. By creating a space where mental and physical health experts, entrepreneurs, and students can openly discuss modern demands on mental health, we hope to foster collaborative action for greater social change in our community.
We encourage local entrepreneurs, students, policy makers and community leaders who are interested in promoting healthy work environment to attend.


Martin Vowles:
Martin is passionate about using data to improve mental wellbeing at work which lead him to create Plexus. Plexus has developed a knowledge base pooling diverse data from different platforms to help users understand mental health standards and services in their areas. For more information visit:

Milda Perminiene:
Milda is a senior lecturer and a programme leader for Bsc Business Psychology at the University of East London. Her main research interests include stressful working environment, job design, exposure to workplace bullying, and emotion management at work. She’s also published studies linked to stressful working environment, emotional labor and workplace relationships.

George Bettany:
George is a serial entrepreneur. He is currently on a mission to change the perception of mental health and make it a part of our everyday conversation. As a founder of Sanctus his vision is to put the worlds first mental health gym on the high street. Today, he works with businesses to reframe the conversation around mental health in the workplace, and to create space for people to work on their mental fitness at work. For more information visit:

Gillian Connor:
Gillian is passionate about reducing mental health stigma. She is particularly interested in how mental health and wellbeing is impacted by work and how people are supported within the workplace. She is Head of Policy Partnerships at Mental Health UK and Rethink Mental Illness and regularly liaises with organisations, about how to be mental health friendly.

Panel Moderator:
Marianne Aizenberg:
Marianne is a wellbeing entrepreneur, occupational psychologist, founder @ SoulBotox. She is on a mission to empower the world to preserve inner beauty thus support a more fulfilling, comparison free life. Her current work is centred around wellbeing solutions tailored to hyper busy professionals experiencing early symptoms of burnout. Find out more:

Featured Artist:
Daniela Raytchev:
Daniela is a Slovakian/ Bulgarian contemporary artist currently residing in London. Raytchev’s personal experience and observation of human psyche have been a continuous source of inspiration for her work. Raychev’s work depicts conflicts within, enquires about social stigmas, especially with regards to mental health and equal rights, and promotes honesty and positive message that change is possible. For more information visit:

The questions we'll be addressing:
1. Defining the problem:
What does burnout mean for entrepreneurs, students, health workers, community leaders? How do we identify the signs? How do we talk about it with colleagues and bosses?
2. Lessons learned:
What has been done? What works and doesn’t work? Lessons learned from physical, mental, career education and training specialists?

Agenda (subject to change):
18:00 - Arrivals
18:15 - Welcome and introduction from Impact Hub KX & LSE Health Society
18:30 – Panel member & organizations intro
19:00 – Break / Networking & artist exhibition featuring Daniela Raytchev
19:20 – Panel Q&A
20:00 - Drinks, nibbles & networking
21:00 - Close

The event will be followed by a reception and networking and is part of a collaboration between the LSE Health Society and Impact Hub King's Cross.

Looking forward to seeing you there!