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SEB is your directory to finding Social Enterprise suppliers in your local area. 


In partnership with Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) our vision is to grow an innovative and responsible supply chain to deliver services, skills or goods for our business. Our ambition is to work with a social enterprise business on every construction project to enable us to support the sector through a cumulative spend of £20m by 2020. Our actions today impact tomorrow. 


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“Being part of Wates supply chain for the past 5 years has really helped to raise CleanStart’s profile. We have a fantastic relationship with onsite staff and this really helps to ensure standards and quality are achieved for the client.”

                                                                                                       Deborah Elgar – Senior Manager, Clean Start 

“As Wates Construction ‘Social Enterprise of the Year’ winners 2014, Futureworks Yorkshire are proud to be associated with a company that delivers sustainable social outputs within local communities. Having a major construction company attach significant value to our work allows us to raise our profile in a highly competitive sector. This helps strengthen our ethos in providing sustainable futures for young people.”

                                                                                                        Mark Scott – Director, Futureworks Yorkshire