Social Economy Alliance policies

Our recommendations are designed to put power in the hands of people, foster bottom-up economic growth and take advantage of the many innovations that the UK’s social sector has created. From community energy to housing, from business to public services, we believe that economic and social policy can and must reinforce one another.

Our policy and research is divided into six key themes:

Working to Live - how can social economy policies reduce unemployment?

Well-Founded Growth - how can we improve local, bottom-up economic solutions?

Bare Necessities - what can the social economy do to lower the cost of living?

Public Services - how do we ensure public service reform that delivers for all?

Finance  - how can social and economic policies work as one to create a more responsible financial system?

Everybody's Business  - how can the private sector deliver greater social value?

Each of our themes has a dedicated spokesperson. You can contact Laura Russell if you need more information.

Find out more about the Alliance's key themes here.

The social economy movement

The last decade has seen massive progress in the social sector in the UK. Social enterprises and co-operatives are outperforming just-for-profit businesses; alternative banks have better returns on assets, lower volatility and higher growth; and a growing proportion of start-ups are socially-driven. The UK social investment market is growing fast and attracting global attention.

Social enterprises and cooperatives are at the forefront of this, but we are not just about promoting the interests of a defined set of organisations. Our shared goal is economic policies that promote equality, transparency, democracy and sustainability