I vote for a social economy

We need everyone’s support and a concentrated effort in communities across the country to help create a social economy that serves society. 

Creating a social economy starts from the bottom up. And it is at the most local level that people and communities can have the most power. 

That’s why we’re arming you with our 'I vote for a social economy' campaign pack.  

Download our free campaign materials from the links below and ask your elected officials to take action to support the social economy in your area. 

You can find your local politicians on the Write To Them website.

If you'd like to professionally print the materials, please request print ready files by emailing sam.simmons@socialenterprise.org.uk



Take a selfie of you or friends with the poster in front of a building or place in your area that represents the social economy to you. Then tweet it using #socialeconomy or email it to us.


Campaigning in Action

See photos of us campaigning for a social economy.



Sticker: Take a photo of you wearing your sticker when you meet local politicians and tweet it using #socialeconomy.