The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Enterprise is a group of parliamentarians with an interest in social enterprise.

Founded in 2003 by Baroness Thornton, it is chaired by Chris White MP with officers from across the main political parties in Parliament.

The APPG showcases social enterprises and discusses issues important to the social enterprise movement. Regular events are held in Westminster and a range of different social enterprises invited to attend as guest speakers.

Social Enterprise UK runs the Secretariat for the APPG.

Attendance to the APPG meetings are by invitation only, providing Social Enterprise UK members with a platform on which to meet with parliamentarians and influence debate.

Find out more about becoming an Social Enterprise UK member from just £75 a year.


To enquire about the APPG, please email or telephone 020 3589 4950.

Please note: This is not an official website of the House of Commons or the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed on this webpage are those of the group.

SEUK's political work is supported by The Co-operative Energy, CAN, Fusion 21, and First Ark Group