Social Value Act

In January 2013, the Social Value Act came into force.

This ground-breaking law has the potential to transform the way public services are commissioned, requiring public bodies to consider choosing providers based on the social value created in an area and not on cost alone.

Together with our members, we were instrumental in ensuring that the Social Value Act became law, and have been recognised by the Third Sector Excellence Awards for our achievements, winning their Big Impact of the Year Award 2012.

For resources to help you with the Act's implementation, visit our Advice + Support section.


If you run a social enterprise, community group or charity that delivers or would like to deliver local services, you'll know that organisations in the social sector have a strong track record of delivering quality services and tackling social issues. The Act can help you ensure commissioners recognise this and choose providers that create the most social value in your area.

The challenge now is to make sure local authorities fully embrace the Act. A range of tools are available to help you contact your local MP, council and commissioning body to tell them about social value being created in your area. 

Letter to MPs and councillors

All you need to do is click on the word icon to download the letter, then insert details of your own organisation and use the different options to tailor the letter to ask your local politicians to support the Social Value Act. Get the name of your local MP by entering your postcode at

Letter to commissioners

A template to help you write to commissioners or heads of any public bodies who you do business with to make them fully aware of the Social Value Act e.g local authorities, government departments, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and housing associations.