Why the future looks brighter for social enterprise


Andrew Croft, Chief Executive of CAN, guest blogs...

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So what does CAN do?

CAN’s vision is of a social economy buoyed by a thriving social enterprise market. Its mission is to help social entrepreneurs achieve it.

To build sustainable businesses, social entrepreneurs need business support, experience from their peers, capital funds and even space to grow. That’s where CAN helps:

CAN Investment

 Deploys a range of business support into social enterprises and includes the pioneering CAN Breakthrough programme. The team at CAN works with the corporate and finance sectors to lever capital funds and strategic growth support into leading social enterprises.

CAN Mezzanine: Great Offices for the Third Sector 

Provides high-quality shared office accommodation for social enterprises and charities in prime locations. To date they've housed over 100 social enterprises and charities.