The Times publish SEUK's letter on Social Value Act


Read Peter Holbrook's letter published in today's copy of The Times highlighting the importance of the Social Value Act for social enterprises and charities delivering public services.

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The full letter is below or you can read it on The Times website.


Dear Editor 

While the debate over the death of the Government's Big Society mantra rages (‘The Big Society is dead, charities tell Cameron’, p.1, 07/01/2012), a lifeline still exists to help charities and social enterprises continue their invaluable work tackling social issues and supporting Britain's communities. 

The Social Value Act, a new law which comes into force later this month, will mean that for the first time all public bodies in England and Wales will be required to consider the social value created in an area when choosing who delivers public services.  The Act is a ground-breaking piece of legislation that should, if properly implemented, open the door for social enterprises and charities that are arguably best adept at delivering quality services that put community prosperity first.   

The Government needs to put its full weight behind the Social Value Act and help local commissioners embrace this armoury - it's one of the few remaining ways to ensure charities and social enterprises can continue helping society's most vulnerable people. 

Peter Holbrook
Chief Executive
Social Enterprise UK