Public bodies, social enterprises & charities must prepare for new legislation


'The Social Value Act is set to radically affect the way public services are delivered and will open the door for social enterprises and charities,' says Peter Holbrook.

The Act, which comes into force in January 2013, will call on public bodies in England and Wales to factor in social value when awarding contracts.


To help those affected by the Act, Social Enterprise UK, who helped develop the original Bill and supported its passage through Parliament, is hosting the Social Value Conference in partnership with the Local Government Association and the NHS Confederation.  The one-day event is for public bodies, and social enterprises and charities working in the public service arena.

Workshops running throughout the day will offer practical support on keys areas including commissioning for social value, and proving and measuring social impact. Delegates will hear from civil servants, commissioners, social enterprise and public sector leaders and support bodies, who will offer valuable insights into best practice when it comes to selling and commissioning social value.

Peter Holbrook, Social Enterprise UK CEO, said:

“The Social Value Act is set to radically affect the way public services are delivered. It will support commissioners to use their spending power to create lasting social change, and open the door for social enterprises and charities - providers that deliver quality services and reinvest their profits into the communities where they work.”

Currently the public services industry in the UK is worth £79 billion. Only 11% of government contracts are currently delivered by social enterprises and charities.

Holbrook continued:

“The Act’s implementation is just around the corner and commissioners and third sector organisations alike must be ready to deal with the changes. For public bodies, it’s imperative they get to grips with what they need to do to comply with it. In these austere times this legislation will be encouraging commissioners to work with providers that can deliver maximum value for whole communities.  The new law will mean that social enterprises and charities delivering public services will need to become first-rate at proving their social worth and impact.” 

Peter Holbrook will be speaking at the Social Value Conference, alongside others including Chris White MP, who was responsible for the Private Member’s Bill that resulted in the Act, and Jo Webber of the NHS Confederation.


The Social Value Conference takes place on Tuesday 20 November 2012 between 10am - 5pm at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford Street Bank, London, SE1 9NH.


NHS Confederation: Social Enterprise UK brings you this event in partnership with the NHS Confederation, the membership body for all organisations that commission and provide NHS services: 

Local Government Association: The LGA is the national voice of local government that works with councils to support, promote and improve local government: