Government's strategy for growing social investment


The Cabinet Office has published a series of documents on social investment.

Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy

The Government’s vision of a thriving social investment market where social ventures can access the capital they need to grow, allowing them to do more to help build a bigger, stronger society.

Update on progress

Details key achievements since the publication of the Government's original strategy and highlights current priorities focusing on supporting the development of a strong pipeline of viable social investment opportunities and clearing away unnecessary and unhelpful barriers to social investment.

Social investment initiatives

Overview of all social investment initiatives across Government, with links to relevant programmes and funds. A practical tool for understanding and navigating government support for social investment.

Visit the Cabinet Office website to download the PDF documents.



Social Enterprise UK runs the Social Investment & Finance Programme

Developed in response to the needs of our members, the Social Investment and Finance Programme primarily aims to improve investment readiness among social enterprises, as well as understanding of social investment and finance. This programme is driven by SEUK;s responsibilities as the Office for Civil Society’s appointed lead in the strategic partnership for social finance in the sector.