Gen Community project to tackle fuel poverty


SEUK member, Gen Community, is looking to raise £1 million to fund solar panels in Newport, South Wales. Invest by 31 January.

Gen Community is looking to raise £1 million to fund solar PV panels in Newport, South Wales. Gen Community is seeking to raise the funds from low carbon investors on behalf of Newport residents.


Newport benefits from more sunshine hours (levels of  irradiance) than the UK average, making it highly suitable for generating electricity from solar PV panels. However, the region also has a high percentage of housing tenants who cannot afford to install solar PV panels.

Newport community benefits:

  • “free electricity” during operational hours
  • reduction in fuel bills (circa.£36,000 per annum)
  • local low carbon jobs
  • gifting of the panels with usable operational lifetime
  • estimated annual carbon dioxide savings of 259 tons per annum
  • engagement with low carbon technologies

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