East London’s largest college to promote ‘community businesses’


Newham College’s support for entrepreneurs is set to include help for businesses that make profits for the community rather than their owners.

The College wants to expand its business classes to include ‘social enterprises’, which use their profits to achieve a social goal.

East Ham Campus director, Geoff Crook recently invited the chief executive of Social Enterprise UK, Peter Holbrook, to the College to discuss how he could help. He said: “We want to help our students and others who want to set up social enterprises that benefit everyone in our communities.”

During the visit, Peter Holbrook said: 

“Newham College is in a brilliant position to create a whole new generation of social enterprises that can be great businesses and contribute to the community of Newham.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with the College to help to make their ambitions for their students and the community a reality.”

The College is planning further meetings with Social Enterprise UK to take forward the initiative. They will look at College-run units such as the Women’s Business Centre and its business support arm, the Centre for Innovation and Partnership. 

Pictured: Peter Holbrook, with Newham College managers, Bimmy Rai, Geoff Crook and Steve Smith


SEUK provides consultancy support on social enterprise to organisations including further education institutions, local authorities and PCTs.