Joining form

If you have any trouble submitting the form, please email for assistance.

NB: Your organisation’s ‘Social/Environmental Mission’ will be the search term under which your organisation can be found on the member directory so please choose carefully. The ‘Other’ option should only be selected if none of the alternative categories are relevant to your work.

Enter up to 150 words – the wording will appear in the Social Enterprise UK membership directory on this website.

All our members receive a membership badge. There are two kinds – one shows that your organisation IS a social enterprise. The other shows that your organisation SUPPORTS social enterprise. There is a very short statement you need to sign up to if you want to use the badge that shows your organisation IS a social enterprise.

We would like to use the ‘we are a social enterprise’ badge, and we agree that:

  1. Our business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.
  2. We are an independent business and we earn more than half of our income through trading (or we are working towards this)
  3. We are controlled or owned in the interests of our social mission
  4. We reinvest or give away at least half our profits or surpluses towards our social purpose
  5. We are transparent about how we operate and the impact that we have

Social enterprise supporters are very important to us and to the sector. They come in different shapes and sizes: they are local councils, private sector organisations, umbrella and trade organisations, charities and many others. If you are not a social enterprise yourself, but you support social enterprises, Buy Social, support our campaigns, our policy work and our businesses, this badge is for you.

We are only able to issue invoices to organisations with a turnover of £10m plus. If this is your preference, rather than paying by credit / debit card, please apply for membership by telephoning 020 3589 4958 or emailing A member of the team will process your application and issue an invoice.