How do I use the Social Enterprise UK badge?


The badges are designed to enable members to identify themselves as social enterprises or social enterprise supporters in a way that’ is consistent and recognisable.

We'’ve done this in response to our members'’ feedback. They said they wanted clearer recognition of their social enterprise or social enterprise supporter status. And following our successful campaign to stop private companies trademarking and using the term social enterprise, we decided to make sure that promoting the authentic social enterprise message is as easy as possible for our members.  As we have both social enterprises and non-social enterprises in our membership, our new badges differentiate between the two.  The important thing is that we all use the term to promote genuine social enterprise – business where society profits.

We hope the badges will be taken up and used by all our members. We hope the badges will be taken up and used by all our members. If you're an existing member, click here to login and download your badge.

We know you may have a few questions, so we'’ve tried to anticipate and answer these below:

Which badge should I use?

If you are a social enterprise and you meet our criteria (see here) you should use the  ‘we are a social enterprise’ badge.  There is a very simple self-certification process for anyone who wants to use our badge to show they are a social enterprise. This simply means agreeing with a very short statement saying your organisation meets some basic criteria we have set out. If you are unsure after reading the statement, there are some explanatory notes available in our members’ area. We also have lots of members that are not social enterprises themselves, but support the sector to thrive. They are critical to the success of the social enterprise movement. If your organisation is a supporter rather than a social enterprise in its own right, please use the ‘we support social enterprise’ badge.

Who is entitled to use the ‘we support’ badge?

Any non-social enterprise member of SEUK.  These could be public bodies or private companies. By joining SEUK they have demonstrated their support for our sector and the badge is to recognise this.

What are the terms and conditions attached to the badge?

All fee-paying members are entitled to use the social enterprise badge if they meet the criteria.  All other members are entitled to use the social enterprise supporters badge.Members are entitled to use the badge for one year from the date of payment of their membership fees.  Should a member not renew their fees, they will be required to stop using the badge to promote their organisation, as they are no longer members of SEUK.  Members using the ‘we are a social enterprise’ badge will be required to declare annually that they continue to meet the criteria, when they renew their membership.

What if an organisation that doesn’'t meet the criteria for the ‘we’'re a social enterprise’ badge uses it?

We will keep our eyes out but we also rely on the social enterprise community to ensure fair play and let us know if they suspect this is happening so we can sort it out. Please email or call 020 3589 4958.