Interested in meeting with thought leaders, experts and academics from across the UK social enterprise sector?

On our tours, you will experience illuminating talks and discussions with individuals from across the social enterprise world. Whether its CEOs and founders, policymakers or influencers – we’ll connect you to people who can make a difference. Bring your questions and hear first-hand stories from those who've been there, done that and can understand your situation.


We will arrange a tour to fit your timescales. Tours can be one day or one week or more – it’s up to you. Your tour can be based in London or take in other locations across the UK. There are incredible social enterprises across the country.

We can create tailor made tours for your particular sector, field or questions, as well as advise you on what works best.

Whatever your focus, we will also provide you with an experienced social enterprise guide to accompany you during the tour, not only getting you to where you need to be on time but also being on hand to answer your social enterprise questions in between.


  • Politicians and policymakers who want to hear from their peers in the UK on how to develop social enterprise.
  • Social entrepreneurs looking for like-minded discussion and ideas from the UK.
  • Infrastructure and intermediary organisations looking at how they can support social enterprise development better.
  • Large corporate businesses wanting fresh ideas and no nonsense perspective on how to create social, environmental and economic value.
  • Individuals from housing, banking, health, education and other sectors wanting new ways to innovate.


We are on hand to provide a range of advice and extras should you require them. Whether it’s signposting you to accommodation, food or what to do in your spare time as well as buying social throughout your visit, we can help.

Our tours not only inspire and educate but they also help us and our hosts to learn from you too, and build an international network of people passionate about social enterprise, so get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

To discuss how we can provide a tour to suit your needs, please email


We recently organised two housing tours - one for the Dutch government and another for the British Council in Norway.

"The range of people we met and the breadth of discussions we had during our visit to London left us inspired and full of ideas regarding how social enterprise can become an important new element in our housing strategy in Norway. We were equally impressed by the passionate and professional leaders of local initiatives in some of the most challenging areas of London as we were by the national political and strategic directions introduced to ensure social value is considered at all stages of housing-related policy."  

Sarah Prosser, Director, British Council Norway  


The general purpose of both visits was to explore and experience the social enterprise movement in the UK and bring to light the benefits for the housing sector back home. What role can social enterprise play not only in the building and maintaining of houses but in tackling issues such as unemployment and low levels of well-being? Both groups wanted to know: 

  • How housing associations can partner with and start-up social enterprises.
  • How housing associations themselves can create social value in their strategy.
  • Housing associations can work with prime contractors that have social enterprises in their supply chains.


For each group we created a unique tour for their particular requirements and aims. The tours featured site visits, walking tours, first hand accounts and meetings across the London and the UK to learn: 

  • How social enterprise, entrepreneurial activity and values are central to the work of Manor House Development Trust and how it has helped them to transform one of the most deprived boroughs of London. 
  • Ideas, inspiration and guidance from Paddington Development Trust on how you can stimulate social action and social enterprise by allowing others to lead. 
  • How Coin Street Community Builders turned an underserved community, a car park and derelict land on the Southbank of the River Thames in London into a thriving neighbourhood for everyone. 
  • How the Aspire Foundation has set up an independent social enterprise for services such as gardening, cleaning and bulk waste removal, creating social outcomes and employing local tenants in the process. 


  • Ideas and inspiration for innovative ways to develop their organisations and neighbourhoods in the future
  • Models, methods and practical steps to take to stimulate and develop social enterprise within their own organisations and externally.
  • Time out of their day-to-day preoccupations, which allowed them to reflect on their work in a productive way.
  • Relevant networks and contacts in the UK.
  • A post-visit report summarising what was learnt, follow-up resources and key action points. 

To discuss how we can provide a tour to suit your needs, please email