Lighting the Way: the state of social enterprise in Morocco


New report shows that Morocco has a real appetite to grow and champion social enterprise.

A new report, launched at the International Social Enterprise Forum in Casablanca, organised by the British Council and the World Bank, has shown that there is a rich diversity of organisations trading for a social purpose in Morocco, although there is an uncertainty surrounding the concept of social enterprise itself.

SEUK was commissioned by British Council Morocco and Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (CISE) to research the early stages of social enterprise development and its landscape in Morocco.

The report is drawn from both qualitative and quantitative data including interviews with 25 individuals from government, private sector, NGOs, cooperatives, foundations and project holders.

The findings show that there is some uncertainty surrounding the concept although there is a belief that it already exists - “Moroccans are already doing social enterprise without knowing it”.

It also states that there are opportunities to grow the sector which would benefit from capacity building, technical assistance, access to finance, champions/case policy measures and legal support.

There is an overwhelming sense that social enterprise is about changing how change itself can be made in Morocco. And nowhere is this felt more strongly than in what is happening on the ground; there are social enterprises causing a buzz with what they are doing to address some of Morocco’s most entrenched social problems, such as rural poverty, marginalised groups and the long term unemployed. 

‘Lighting the Way is the first report of its kind in Morocco. It has illuminated the social enterprise sector and will provide a guide for enablers from government, civil society and the private sector to help plan successful interventions. The British Council will use this report as a focal point around which we can gather practitioners and decision-makers to coordinate the development of a healthy and vibrant social enterprise sector in Morocco.’

-Roland Singer-Kingsmith, Project Manager, British Council Morocco. 

'Shedding light onto the future, this report is more than a simple piece of research, it is a milestone for the development of the social enterprise sector in Morocco and will undoubtfully help make the contribution of the sector valuable to the whole country. With the British Council we are committing to turn its recommendations alive and make the relevant stake holders act and react to its fiding. All our thanks to SEUK for their brilliant work and support to make this happen.'

-Adnane Addioui, Chair, Mrococan Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

‘You have done something important in Morocco. I believe this was one of those events whose effects will be like throwing a stone in a pond, the ripples will keep going. You just wait and see - in five years’ time the Social Enterprise progress in Morocco will be measured from the British Council and World Bank's Forum.’ 

-Baroness Glenys Thornton, Shadow Equalities & Health Minister, House of Lords

Read the full report Lighting the Way: the state of social enterprise in Morocco.

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